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punch inspector

innovative cross-industry approach and advanced web technology
turns over projects faster, easier and cost-effectively
Ultimate speed, flexibility and internal controls

Modular application built with premier web-based architecture, comprised of a number of application tiers
Easily customized to project executive requirements, and owner reporting criteria

bullet Oracle database residing on a Linux server stores, integrates and manages all data at the core.
bullet IBM HTTP web server in conjunction with Websphere forms the application (middle) tier of the system.
bullet HTML, JavaScript, Java Server Pages, Servlets, Beans and XML forms the client layer of the application, which provides a user-friendly interface to the system.
bullet SSL Technology and Firewalls secure the application data during transmission and in storage to ensure the overall application security is robust and reliable.
bullet Crystal Reports, a third party reporting tool resides on the middle tier. Easily exports to spreadsheet and mobile formats.