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punch inspector

innovative cross-industry approach and advanced web technology
turns over projects faster, easier and cost-effectively
Construction Punch is purchased by Project Owners responsible for overall project development including: finance, construction, and disposition (occupancy, lease-up or sales) — and directly account to multiple lending, environmental and regulatory authorities.
bullet Bottom line, the sooner construction is completed, the lower the total project development cost — the faster project income is generated and the higher return on owner investment.
bullet The later projects turnover, particularly beyond critical project milestone and Owner Occupancy Dates, the greater the project development expenses, i.e.,construction loan interest, holding costs, security, overhead.
The complexities involved in monitoring construction projects, from New York to Dubai — ranging from $500,000 to $20 billion, requires careful planning and coordination.
The global construction industry is hampered with frequent project delays and cost overruns that result in significant economic losses and increased liability to the Project Owner / Stakeholders, the Project Architect & Engineers, Construction Management and Trade Contractors.

A recent study, Construction Delays in International Projects, reports:
bullet Main causes for construction delays cited are: 1) design related (greatest cause for delay); 2) construction related (due to lack of inspection); 3) financial / economic (delayed payment); 4) management / administrative (contract modifications); 5) code related (regulations, environmental).
"Delays exceed completion time by 100% and equate to 31% of the development budget".
bullet Project owners / stakeholders of a $100 million project will typically incur $31 million, or more, in more debt due to cost overruns.
bullet For total projects implemented across the region, nation or globe — billions of additional dollars / debt must be raised. Not always easy to obtain, this further compounds delays.
bullet Project participants waiting for late projects to start, are often not provided extra compensation for the unanticipated cost of delays — and consequentially are placed in jeopardy.
Unforeseen issues occur on every project.
bullet In the best interests of all parties involved, Owner representatives must ensure the best system is in place to turn projects over as quickly as possible; and avoid unnecessary delays, rework and cost overruns — to the greatest extent possible.
bullet Construction Punch meets this critical industry demand.
bullet The speed of which problems are resolved and contingencies implemented, makes a substantial difference — at project turnover, and for years ahead.
bullet Attested by top industry experts, Construction Punch proves to be the most expedient application on the global market.
Ultimately, the advanced "cross-industry" approach and premier real-time technology of Construction Punch enable clients to decrease development expenses, become more competitive and realize significant savings.
bullet Used on large or multiple medium and small-scale projects — these advancements make a tremendous impact on local, regional and national economies.
Real value received as a direct result of implementation — far exceeds the cost of Construction Punch. In summary:
bullet Faster Project Turnaround: Typically months taken off the end of projects — lowers construction interest, holding costs and other project development expenses.
bullet Manpower Hours & Resources Spared: Automation of paperwork — slashes administrative and direct project overhead. Reallocate time and resources to more productive use.
bullet Reduced Risk Factors: Quality design issues resolved as the project rolls along, instead of at the end of the project — substantially avoids project rework, delay and overruns along the critical path.
Every project is different. Actual total savings in hours and dollars and / or increased profitability to project participants depend on various factors that are taken into account and assessed on a project-by-project basis.
bullet Full participation of the project executive and all involved parties is essential for maximum results!
bullet Global BMC provides impact and cost analysis for single or multiple client projects, upon request.